Local Hatha Yoga Classes in Hemel Hempstead with Ma-Na's Yoga

Hatha yoga is a healthy exercise and practise that uses posture and breathing techniques to create relaxation and improve strength and flexibility. Ma-Na's Yoga brings together the gentle exercise of the body and mind, which will help bring peace to your inner spirit.

Ma-Na's Yoga is open to all people of all ages, and we think that if you are involved in dance, gymnastics, martial arts or similar activities you will gain much from our program to help with your strength and flexibility.

Please contact Ma-Na's Yoga on 07575759720 for more details

  • group class performing hatha yoga postures
  • group class performing hatha yoga technique
  • group class doing hatha yoga postures
  • group class doing hatha yoga technique

Peace of Mind

a posture to show peace of mind

At Ma-Na's Yoga, we don't just teach different yoga positions, but we also concentrate on breathing techniques and peaceful contemplation, to aid in emptying the mind of the stress and worry of a busy day. The breathing and contemplation techniques taught in our yoga class can be used to help reduce the stress of modern living even when not physically exercising your body.


a posture to show flexibility and suppleness in joints and muscles

The yoga we teach can form part of a healthy exercise regime to build strength, flexibility and suppleness in joints and muscles as well as being used as a 'stress buster' to aid relaxation. Whether you practise yoga to relax, stretch, breathe, meditate, or simply because it's fashionable, there are many health benefits to practicing yoga regularly.


a group having fun, getting fit and de-stressing with balloons

Ma-Na's Yoga offers a number of different classes for adults and children so you can have fun, get fit and de-stress with people of your own age or in our popular mixed classes. You are never too young or old to reap the health benefits of yoga, so please contact us now to find out how we can help you.