Having you as a yoga teacher was wonderful for myself and the children

... you inspire calmness and the ability that one can do anything. I thank you for enriching my sense of woman. Shazia Gulzar

Alexander and I really enjoyed our times with you

... not least because you are a wonderfully calming influence. I will keep an eye on your web site and hope that we will be able to join you again soon. Kelly Ufland

I am new to yoga but I have found my sessions with Mariana extremely beneficial

As well as taking me through a whole range of poses, I have learned the importance of breathing techniques. It has helped me gain an understanding of what I'm doing rather than just following instructions, thanks to Mariana's clarity and guidance. I have found Mariana to be patient, encouraging and would love to continue on with her after my current sessions have ended.Rachel Scola

Email Testimonial from R Scola

Thank you so much for your lovely smile

...your infectious enthusiasm and your skilful yoga. I really enjoyed your images and playful approach to yoga. Kathy Halter

Written Testimonial from K Halter
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